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If you've heard about project management as a career, but aren't certain what it's about, the Information Session (into the menu bar) provides a review from its earliest days to the present.

To learn about TheCourse for Project Management while you're here, visit the section on PMP Prep.

PMP Prep Course

PMI alone knows every candidate for PMP certification, who passed, what scores they received, and what prep courses they took..PMI has given TheCourseā„¢ for project management its highest ratings. PMI rated the online version 95.63%, and the classroom version 100%! PMI's average rating for all providers is 86.13%. See this 2-page pdf copy of the ratings pages from the PMI web site. Visit the Background link to learn how this came about.

Upon certification, our students can register in the PMP Forever program at no cost. See that section below. Then link to the Course Materials page to learn more reasons why TheCourse is the superier prep course for project managers who intend to make a career of the profession.

When you are ready, link to Colleges to register with the institution of your choice. Offshore candidates can register for our online course directly with us at the wholesale price. Just write to for pricing and other information.

PMP Forever Membership

PMP Forever is a lifetime program that enables our members to keep up with the ever-growing body of knowledge, and earn Professional Development Units (PDUs) to maintain their certification without spending any more money. Our students can become members upon receiving their PMP certification, and others may buy in for a one-time fee of $595.

Our Students Love Us!

Here are a few unsolicited testimonials we've received.

Robert Atkinson

Just submitted my application. No problems. Thanks again for teaching the class. It was probably the best class I have ever taken. And I mean that. Your depth of knowledge made this a truly great learning experience.

Alan Jones

I would like to first thank you for the class that you provided and the instruction you gave in regards to project management. I have found myself applying principles that you taught in my daily routines.

Sr. FBI Manager

By my count, the FBI in West Virginia has already certified 35 new PMPs -- including me. I expect the number will reach 40 by the end of October. I want to thank you for your efforts in our behalf.

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